Friday, 6 May 2016

how to overcome emotional blocks method 1


the sedona method is one of the best ways to deal with emotional blocks that are preventing your progress in terms of fat loss

here is a brief intro to it

Step 1. Welcome the Feeling

Focus on the issue that you want to feel better about.

Simply feel the feeling and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment.

Welcome the feeling.  It doesn’t have to be strong.

It is what it is.

Step 2.  Ask 3 Questions

While feeling the feeling, ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Could I let this feeling go?
  2. Would I let this feeling go?
  3. When?

When you ask yourself, “Could I let this feeling go?”,  remind yourself that you can let any emotion go, like dropping an object (more on this below.)

When you ask yourself, “Would you let the feeling go?”, consider whether you would you rather hold on to pain, stress, and suffering, or, would you rather be free?

When you ask yourself, “When?”, what you’re doing is creating an invitation to do it now.

Step 3. Repeat the Process Until You Feel Free

In some cases it will be quick, in others it will take some repetition and practice.  Repeat the process of letting go, and you’ll find that you can let go a little more each time.  You may have to peel away the layers, but as you practice letting go, you’ll learn to break the chains and dissolve what’s holding you back.

Keep in mind, this is a heart thing, not a head thing, and it’s all about helping you deal with a heavy heart, or a stressed out body, or a negative mind.

Let Go of the Negative, Hold On to the Positive

I want to take a brief moment to point out something that might really help make this stick.

Sadly, we often hold ourselves back by holding on to negative emotions.

If we use that negative emotion for extra motivation and inspiration to take action and to do something about it, great.

But more often than not, we simply stew in our own juices, paralyze ourselves with fear, or cripple our body and mind.  When we hold on to negative emotions, we bog ourselves down.  If you’ve ever noticed that your shoulders are tight, or your stomach is in a knot, or your fingers are clenched, you know what I mean.

We need to let go.

Surprisingly, many people let go of positive emotions faster, but hold onto negative ones.

Isn’t that ironic?

Let’s flip that around.

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