Saturday, 7 May 2016

low carb high fat on a low budget

iv had to find out the hard way that the low carb high fat diet can become expensive, so i have to find interesting ways to stay on the diet while maintaining a low budget.

Whats even worse is that South Africa is going through its worst recessions ever. food prices have sky rocketed since April

so i have found a few items that i always include in my grocery bag that generally help with meal planning and keeping to a strict diet.


1 Lettuce

this is by far the cheapest value for money vegetable ever. i use this as a bread replacement almost everyday. Interestingly enough i learned this from Steve Harvey on one of his shows.

He said that since you are used to making sandwiches rather replace the bread with lettuce and you can still enjoy the sandwich.

In south Africa a batch of lettuce will set you back about R12.50 which is less than a dollar. probably the equivalent of $0.5. It can even last you a week


2 gras fed meat

this is probably the most expensive item on my food list every month. The one advantage i have is that its easy to get gras fed beef/meat in South Africa at a local butchery. The big store chains are usually the problem.

i usually buy about R300 worth of meat. which is equivalent to $18-$20. We have a lot of land and our agricultural sector is not to bad so most farmers obviously feed their cows grass


3 eggs

i always include eggs because they are relatively cheap and can help my meals with regards to taste.


4 avocados

i love them as they are the healthiest fruit and they are high in fat. especially the healthy fats that have the omega 3.

i more or less eat the same meals everyday. i use these food items to prepare scrumptious meals that are very cheap.

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