Monday, 2 May 2016

low carb high fat testimonials

a great deal of people have benefited from the lchf lifestyle, so we want to share some great testimonial from people who have reclaimed their health and have lost a significant amount of weight

in their testimonials they were encouraged to include

  • How much weight have you lost?
  • What other symptoms have cleared?
  • Have you come off any medication?
  • Has your diabetes control improved?
  • Have you reversed your pre diabetes or Type 2 diabetes?
  • Has you IBS, dermatitis, PCOS, fertility improved?
  • How is your mood and concentration?
  • How long have you battled with weight or with other symptoms that lead you to discover LCHF?
  • And finally, how has Ditch The Carbs helped you? What have you discovered? What recipes are your favourite?

on e of the participants Kay Henson commented by saying

That I’ve lost over 10 stone? That my blood pressure has plummeted? That my cholesterol has dropped from 5.2 to 4.1? That my skin is supple? My digestive system healthy? Or that I have more energy than ever before?

I started the change in lifestyle over two years ago, with advice from my sister. I wasn’t confident, I am vegetarian, where was the “bulk” in my food coming from? I lived on pasta, rice, bread and potatoes.

I started with small changes, there is too much encouragement to do it all at once. My intake of saturated fat rose as slowly as my carbs dropped, but the small changes saw a rapid drop in my weight.

I eat lots of eggs, nuts, cheese, coconut, high fat yoghurt, cream, butter, avacado…….. so many people who know me well and have seen my weight loss still believe the myth and say “ooo, if I ate all those nuts, I’d be the size of a house” whilst tucking into a sandwich and potato crisps.

I’m no low carbon angel, I still have the odd cake or sneaky slice of toast, but my health benefits have been stable now for over a year and I’m not changing back to a lifestyle that kept me as an obese adult for 30 years.

More inspiring recipes please! Let’s change the world and give more people their health back.”

a list of testimonials can be seen on the ditchthecarbs website

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