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Why I need to read more diet books

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The Marine Body System

If you’re looking for a program to help you lose fat and build muscle, then you might be interested in The Marine Body System. This is a unique system that takes a new approach to your exercise and your training and helps you to completely change your body without using fad diets, expensive gym memberships or expensive pills.

In this review, we’ll take a look at whether the program works and what it entails.

The Problem

Right now there are probably millions of people across the world trying to lose fat. In fact scratch that, there are probably billions. It seems about half the population is unhappy with their weight and this is despite doing their best efforts to get into shape: they exercise, they eat right, they avoid junk food… and yet they just can’t lose the pounds. Why?

Well there are a number of reasons but one common issue is a lack of information. Most of us are just following all the wrong advice as marketing companies try to get us to spend more on their equipment and their pills. Take the old myth that you need to ‘keep the body guessing’ to burn fat and build muscle. Sure, maybe if you’re Mr Olympia! For everyone else, this is just unnecessarily complicating matters.

This is partly why so many of us see rapid fat loss at first and then have our progress come grinding to a halt. The other reason is that our hormones are all working against each other causing a kind of yoyo effect. The Marine Body System is different though and it really works well.

The Book

In The Marine Body System you learn about simple and effective methods for training that will help to increase the metabolism, reset the hormones and burn maximum fat. In one study it was found that a similar method could help women to increase their fat burning potential by 10% in 15 days.

The book details how to perform 8 minute workouts that do all this and encourage ‘after burn’. At the same time, it shows you how to combine this with an intermittent fasting system, the right nutrients and high glycemic foods for extra leptin.

Together, these methods outline a straightforward, effective and scientific strategy for rapidly losing weight that anyone can apply and benefit from.

The book is fascinating to read, well laid out and filled with amazing advice. It simplifies all the nonsense around fitness and weight loss and ensures anyone can get the results they’re looking for. Highly recommended!.

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

best Testosterone boosters on the market

Pro Testosterone is a testosterone boosting supplement that works to increase the amount of free ‘T’ in the blood stream. For anyone interested in building more muscle, or burning more fat, this is big news and what’s more is that Pro Testosterone is one of the best boosters on the market today.

Why You Need Testosterone

Testosterone is of course the male sex hormone. This means that it’s responsible for all the things that set men apart from women. That means the hair, the deeper voice, the aggression and – most importantly for lifters – the muscle. What’s more, is that testosterone actually encourages fat burning, which is why women carry an extra thin layer of fat around their body compared with men.

As such, it’s crucial for any guy to get as much testosterone as possible. If he does, he’ll be bigger, stronger, more ripped, more masculine, more driven and more alpha than he would otherwise. Testosterone also helps improve mood, encourages sleep and much more. Virility and sexual performance also improve significantly.

This is in fact exactly what steroids do – they mimic testosterone and thereby trigger sudden muscle growth and weight loss. Unfortunately steroids are also highly dangerous and illegal.

Testosterone boosters meanwhile do the same thing, but in a much safer and gentler manner.


How Does Pro Testosterone Work?

When you start using pro testosterone, you will find yourself recovering better from workouts, waking with more energy, feeling stronger in your lifts and growing more muscle. These are all the signs of a gradual increase in the androgenic hormone.

This is possible thanks to a synergistic blend of different herbs, minerals and other ingredients. There are countless studies on a range of different substances such as ZMA, tribulis terrestris, tongkat ali and other ingredients. Each of these has been shown to help subtly encourage the body to produce more testosterone of its own, thereby enhancing male traits. There are many more too but of course none of these are going to be effectiveness on their own to see real differences that translate to improved performance in the gym.

But with a product like Pro Testosterone, you get all of these different ingredients combined which reinforces and enhances the body’s natural production of testosterone to a highly significant degree. The result is that you have much more free testosterone in your veins and you’ll notice this in your gains in no time at all.

this product has one of the best lists of ingredients of any male hormone booster on the market today and has truly noticeable results.


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The ketogenic diet on natural food ?

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

What Is Unique About the wolverine Workout Routine

If you watched X-Men series, you must have seen Wolverine. His extraordinary body could send women screaming with lust…men could only wish they were him. So, what crossed your mind when you saw Hugh Jackman play this character in the X-Men series? Imagine that nice piece of body was just but a result of execution of a well thought workout routine. Another crucial thing is that experts like Ryan and Steve Ramsbottom were actively involved. Let me take you through Hugh Jackman’s workout routine for Wolverine.
Attaining a nice body as Hugh’s is a demanding duty. It requires a highly trained professional and a disciplined candidate.  Steve Ramsbottom, the trainer, must have given it his all to see to it that Jackman’s body was built to resemble Wolverine’s. Let’s go through the main phases of excercises that worked for the Les Mirables star.
  • Mass Building
A usual hugh jackman workout should take 60 to 90 minutes. If you like reading, you must have come across a warning by experts that one should not go straight into a weights sessions without a cardio warm-up. On the same note, you should also finish with a cardio by either running or swimming.  In short, within the 60 to 90 minutes, spare 10 minutes for opening cardio warm-up and 20 minutes of cardio to finish with.
Jackman’s trainers decided to split sessions between muscle groups so that a certain area was targeted in a day. For instance, in one day, all the energy would be directed to the chest and triceps. In this way, the whole workout process was simplified for easy execution. The next day it would be the neck and triceps and the same process would continue until they are done with the main body parts.
  • Strength Training

For him to play Wolverine in the X-Men series, he needed strength more than a bull does. If you look at Jackman’s arms and abs, they clearly show that strength training was vigorous and helpful. During his workout for X-Men series, this second phase was executed by picking some heavy weights. He has always revealed in interviews that the weights were not fixed. He reveals that during workouts, he would change it up after every 3 to 4 weeks. For the first three weeks, he would pick heavy weights with rests after every set. Lighter weights, slower reps, four count up and then four count down would then follow this. After which, he would blend both swift and explosive lifting before changing the workout repeatedly.
Hugh, for 3 good months, under a close watch of his trainers, repeated the two above phases. He was working out for 2 hours a day and six days a week. His routine preserved the sixth day of every week for flexibility exercise. I hope you have seen this ladies man. It is clear that he worked really hard to get where he is now. He deserves recognition. You know what I mean
  • Maintaining the Body
The period taken to have Jackman’s body in shape took only three months and the next assignment, which sounds like another difficult task was how he was going to maintain it. Maintaining the body started some months before the shooting started. He had to engage in vigorous exercise, do some yoga and running. This was to maintain his flexibility if not for mental wellbeing. Remember that he still had to work out for 6 days a week.
To maintain his body, he engaged himself in picking up the weights among other activities and by the time the shooting started, he was incredibly sexy and huge. Wolverine Workout had done wonders to his body. There was no doubt that this man was a hero. He would be the man to watch in Australia and beyond for many years down the line.
By the time he was done with his workout, he could press 315 pounds because he had so much strength. It would be hard to believe that he could leg press 1000 pounds. That must have sounded like a miracle to even himself and his trainers. Do you think anybody would have the guts to disagree with me if I say this gym session has no match?
  • Flexibility
As I said earlier, day six of every week in wolverine’s Workout was dedicated to flexibility. This would be a day for five main components of flexibility; Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness. This day helped him a great deal in burning body fat. He would be trained on how to quickly react to situations and this means he had to be flexible too.
Below is a summary of his exercise regimen that everyone across the globe is talking about. If you’re into the world of fitness, you can’t miss this.
Start your exercise with a warm up before engaging in vigorous exercise. Each vigorous exercise must end with a cardio warm up. Active stretching along with foam rolling should start and end your day.
When performing any exercise, say 1 and 2, do not rest until you have completed exercise 2.
If you come across an exercise labeled ’50 club’, it is compulsory that you pick a weight to use for 12 reps. Such is an indication that you need to take many turns in order to reach 50 total reps. I would advice that you get yourself a partner because you would need him during failure in each turn. If you’re alone, your rest periods should be less than 35 seconds.
Don’t brag if you surpass 12 reps, don’t brag because it still counts as twelve. This only means that you have gone lighter instead of heavier.
Still on the 50 club, if you a certain weight in the first set, I is what you must use for all 50 reps.
Hugh Jackman is a hero because he followed simple instructions that were outlined in his workout.
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