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get lean while bulking program

The Chaos Bulk is a great book that discusses one of the most effective strategies for rapid weight loss and muscle gain. The book is written by Anthony Mychal, who was previously known as the ‘skinny-fat guy’. He’s a natural endomorph who is well known for a number of articles on sites like, T-Nation and Schwarzenegger.
Anthony managed to rise to prominence thanks to a series of photographs that showed a miraculous transformation. Anthony managed to fight his natural ‘skinniness’ and bulk up without putting on a gut.
Let’s take a look at the book and see if it’s worth your time….review
The Problem
Guys: if you’ve ever tried to bulk, then no doubt you’ll be aware of the catch-22 this represents. We all know that in order to lose fat, you need to maintain a calorie deficit – meaning you eat fewer calories than you burn.
But in order to gain muscle, you need to maintain a calorie surplus. You see the issue? As soon as you start building muscle, you stop losing weight. That means you end up getting bigger arms but you also get a horrible gut. Or if you’re particularly unlucky, you get the gut without the gains…
The Solution
Why the book is called The Chaos Bulk is explained eventually but far from being chaos, Anthony takes an incredibly scientific and measured approach to clean bulking and shows precisely how you can build massive, ripped muscle without gaining any additional fat. This is how you get the bodybuilder/cover model body you’re looking for.
The main way this works is with IF. That’s right: Intermittent Fasting.
IF basically means that you go through periods of fasting and then punctuate that with periods of eating. That means that you can put your body into a fat burning mode for large periods of time throughout the day and still get all the calories and protein you need to build muscle. It’s just about timing.
And here’s where the chaos bit comes in: you do this by listening to your body. In other words, you don’t eat when you aren’t hungry. Anthony describes how this creates a pendulum effect that swings the physiology to the extreme – but without strict, unnatural rules.
It’s all fascinating stuff and as you can see from Anthony’s pictures it really works. This pdf gets a 10/10 and is one nutrition book that every guy interested in building muscle and burning fat should read!
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