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the wolverine diet plan

hugh jackman diet
this eating plan That Completely Transformed His Body

Just like everyone else, you must have wondered how he was able to transform his body in less than two years. You must have thought his perfect physique is not real when you first set your eyes on him or his pictures. And just like me, you wished to know how he made it that far while countless men across the world have tried everything in their power just to have even a half of what he has. Did it ever cross your mind that good food regimen could have been one of the things that contributed towards attaining such a perfect character for X-Men series? Oh! I almost forgot. Don’t you know Hugh Jackman? Well, he is an Australian actor who played Wolverine in the X-Men series. Let me take you through what worked miracles;
Intermittent Fasting

Ever heard of ’16-8’ dietary routine? It means that within a day, you fast for 16 hours and eat during an 8-hour period. It is called the IF Diet. Unbelievably, that is what he uses and the results are not disappointing. And some few years down the line, he was voted as one of the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ by Open Salon. This eating regime utilizes concepts of intermittent fasting (IF) and many trainers approve of it.
No good thing come on a silver platter they say. Are you buying that? I proudly do and I hope you too. Dieting, especially a movie actor type is not like a walk along the park but requires self-discipline. Like mr Jackman, you need to focus on something during your 16 hours of fasting so that you don’t worry about food. For him, eating is a ceremony when the right time comes. It starts at 10 am and ends at 6 pm.
Are you already asking what he does with his time before and after food? Because he is a disciplined person, his life is a routine. He wakes up at 4 am and goes straight to his early morning workout. He then focuses on his shoot before mealtime. In this way, you can see that he doesn’t have time to think about food. Sounds simple? Many people have tried it. Amazingly, it works. There is no harm in trying. Who knows? You might beat him in his own game. All you need is self-discipline.

What You Eat Makes the Difference

From the horse’s mouth, Jackman himself claims to be consuming 5,000 calories each single day. That sounds unbelievable right? Now you understand how he was able to gain his size in such a short time. But this still leaves you wondering how he did not put on any amount of fat. Sit back, relax, read my article and know how this Diet takes care of that. If you want to increase your lean mass, just like him, you must take many calories a day. You will therefore agree with me that he pays close attention to what he eats if not when he eats it.
Still in his nutrition, you will be surprised to learn that he eats normal foods essential to diet. Many people eat to please their taste buds but not because the food is healthy. Hugh Jackam is not one of them. He eats to keep feet mentally and physically. Trust me when I say steamed chicken breasts without salt or steamed spinach are the main components of his protocol.
It is beyond doubt that Hugh needs many carbohydrates in his diet…and I have stated that he was put under the Wolverine Diet for two years. His nutritionist ensured that his carbohydrates mainly came from vegetables. If you’re planning to follow his footsteps, be ready to eat vegetables; almost a ton per day I guess. Don’t get scared anyway…I was joking. The furthest he could go is brown rice but only ones in a while.

Studies have it that it is almost impossible to build on your physique as you grow older. After seeing mr Jackman’s body, you wont know what to believe because what you expect is not what you will see. What find is the exact opposite of what the studies have shown. At 44 years of age, he looks sexier and more built than when he was in his thirties. So how did he achieve this? That question must be wringing in your mind especially if you have seen him. It makes you want to know more about hi. That is why I am here to shade more lights on the same. Relax. It is no magic but practically possible. This eating plan applies concepts of intermittent fasting, which increases metabolism and hence ensures the growth of hormones. Increase in growth hormones secretion is what leads to your physique improvement.

Natural Protein Is The Magic
This diet requires that you stick to some basic rules. Remember protein is essential and getting it is necessary. The only rule here is you must get it from a natural source. Getting unprocessed protein can be such a hill-climbing task and if that is the case, you can always use a supplement. As Hugh did, you can use protein powder on a regular basis.
If you ask Mike Ryan, the personal trainer of Hugh, he would tell you that what you must avoid most are processed foods. Going natural is the better option as far as protein take is concerned. The main aim of following a caloric defecit is to increase muscle mass and protein does this the best way. Moreover, protein will also burn body fat. That fact should send you smiling because body fat is one of the worst enemies and obstacles in your way of trying to attain a perfect physique.

I cant write enough about him. Hugh Jackman is a rare kind. He decided to eat well and work out. It is a thing many men and women can only admire but cannot even try doing. I salute him. In any case, he is the epitome of a success.

Its important to realize that this is not a diet

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